What Vitamins Help Keep You Awake?

The world is getting competitive with each passing day. The reason for this is the increasing competition in the market, which makes it very necessary for everyone to work for long hours. In this new age driven with thoughts of success and achievements, one is left with no better options, but to burn their night lamps to stay ahead in the race.

We all need energy and the perfect way to boost our energy is by taking vital minerals on the regular basis. These vital minerals are also termed as Vitamins that come in different types classified as Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E. All these vitamins are essential for the proper growth of our body.conard.jpg

Amongst these, Vitamin B12 is known to be an energy booster. It energizes you, and keeps you fresh throughout the day. Vitamin B12 is very effective as it is involved with metabolism. Moreover, it is safer, as it is a water soluble vitamin. By water soluble, it means that any over consumption of vitamin B12, may not be as harmful as other fat-soluble vitamins. Higher doses of Vitamin B12 does not accumulate in your body, they leave away through urination.

Since Vitamin B12 is a known energy booster, care should be taken to avoid any consumption at night hours, as it can result in the complete loss of sleep. Many insomniac patients are advised not to take vitamin B12 pills at night hours, unless if necessary.

Moreover, sublingual b12 helps in the formation of RBC (Red blood corpuscles), and help in maintaining our nervous system. Prolong deficiencies of Vitamin B12 can cause nerve degeneration. Vitamin B12 can be found in dietary Soya products, meat and other dairy products. However, during deficiencies, or to avert sleepiness, one can rely on vitamin B12 capsule or tablets.